Our birth services is aimed at providing good, affordable & hitch free pre & post child delivery services abroad that enables expectant mother to have access to:

  • Better medical services before and during child birth
  • Post child birth assistance like baby documentation, declaration of birth, nanny services and more
  • Accommodation during their stay abroad
  • Hospital & doctor’s (OBGYN) appointment 
  • Preparation for Port of Entry (POE)
  • Visa processing for client without a visa
  • Baby citizenship
  • Transportation and more

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What our Services cover

1. Medical bill Average Cost:

We provide an estimated bill of the medical bill which is dependent on the state in Brazil that our client is going to and the type of medical services (if normal delivery or caesarian or if single, twins, or triplet. The medical bills are paid at the hospital upon arrival

Kindly go through the medical bill estimate:






Sao Paulo




Rio de Janeiro




Minas Gerais




Rio Grande do Sul



Please note that the fares are dependent on the hospital picked and fares quoted above are inclusive of Doctor’s fee, paediatrician and scans.

2. Visa Processing

We provide visa processing for clients who do no have a valid Brazil Visa.

3. Port of Entry Preparation

Having a visa does no guarantee safe entry to the Brazil. Each airport has its unique process, we will guide you on how to go about a easy entry to Brazil on the grounds of giving birth.

4. Hospital & Doctor’s Appointment

Before you leave for Brazil or before you go to the embassy, we ensure you already have an appointment in a hospital and with a doctor. This appointment will be taken to the embassy and or will be used during your port of entry process.

5. Accommodation

We also offer accommodation in Brazil for delivery purposes, when the process commences, we will show you the various types of accommodation we have.





Sao Paulo



Rio de Janeiro



Minas Gerais



Rio Grande do Sul


6. Transportation

This service is available on request for transportation within Brazil (from your hotel/apartment to the hospital and around the city for baby shopping).

7. Declaration of Birth & Baby Documentation

Once you have delivered your baby(ies), we will assist you with he necessary process on getting all your baby(ies) document

8. Citizenship

Congratulations! Your baby is a citizen of Brazil. We will assist you with how he/she will get his/her international passport. This comes at an additional fee of $450 per child.

9. Flight Ticket

We also provide discounted flight tickets for our clients. As we are accustomed to he rules of aviation regarding flying a pregnant woman.

10. Nanny Services

In a case where our client will be needing the services of a nanny, we will make that available, but it comes at an extra cost of between $10-$18 per hour.

11. Budget Sheet

We will give you a total estimate of all the amount you should budget to spend. This depends on the state you are going to give birth in. It is usually within the range of $4,000 to $5,500 for normal delivery and $7000 to $8000 for ceasarian session. This is inclusive of flight tickets, citizenship fee (like International passport etc), medical fees, accommodation, feeding, transportation and more.

With us your dream delivery abroad is possible. We will make it a memorable one.

Kindly go through the frequently asked questions: Brazil Birth Services Frequently Asked Questions & our terms and conditions: Birth Services Terms & Conditions.

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