Flight Pay In Instalment Terms & Conditions

by | Jan 8, 2021

These Terms & Conditions govern flight pay small small application provided by TATAgency for her clients.

1. All instalments must be paid in full at least 5 days before travel date for flights.

2. Failure to have the final payment on or before 5 days to the flight will lead to automatic cancellation of the flight and no refund will be granted as the company has already used her money to pay for the flight ticket.

3. All transactions made on the “Pay in instalment” scheme are subject to a (non-refundable) down payment determined by the transaction value and cancellation policy of the service provider (minimum of 35% of the flight amount). Payment is subject to confirmation of fare availability.

4. Tickets will be locked down upon initial down payment. A lien will be placed on the ticket until all instalments are paid in full.

5. Changes are permitted with applicable charges: either

a. Pay the balance for the ticket before we can effect a date change

b. Do a change and add it to the total amount payable

c. Extend the Pay In Instalment Tenor (which increases the service Charge)

6. Default Policy:

a. All payments should be concluded on or before the agreed stated date by the client.

b. Where the client fails to make the payment on or before the date agreed to make the final payment, a default fee (10% of the balance left) will be added to the outstanding balance

c. Ticket will be cancelled after a maximum 30-day default period subject to i above.

7. In the case of refund (If the ticket is a refundable ticket), the down payment will be utilised in paying all cancellation fees for the flight, hotel or any service rendered. However, if the cancellation fees exceed down payment, the relevant deductions will be made from the amount paid before refund.

8. Tickets will not be released BEFORE payment of the final instalment for the purpose of procuring Traveler’s Allowance

9. Please note that the higher the down payment, the lesser the service charge and the earlier the final payment date, the lower the service charge.

TATAgency is committed to ensuring excellent service delivery.