Do you wish to give your child dual citizenship? We offer maternity visa application and birth services in three countries which offer citizenship by birth. We have an average success rate of 86% on our maternity package


Giving birth in Brazil is easier with us as we will assist in processing ….


Canada offers citizenship by birth. Take this ….

United States of America

With a maternity visa package, your child is closer to ……

Birth Services

Apart from getting you a maternity visa, we can offer birth services. This product is open to anyone who already has or does not have a tourist visa.

Our birth services includes:

  • Port of Entry Preparation
  • Hospital & OBGYN Appointment
  • Declaration of Birth
  • Accommodation
  • Nanny Services
  • Budget Sheet: Hospital bill estimate and more

Visa Application Steps

  1. Take Our FREE Eligibility Test
  2. Documentation
  3. Priming by our Visa Experts
  4. Review & Submission
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