Pay in instalment is an initiative driven to assist our client who wish

to fulfil their travel goals but do not have all the required funds. This helps them

spread their payments overtime thereby making it more convenient and avoiding hikes


Visa Products

Pay 85% of your visa processing fee and balance after your visa is approved.

Vacation Packages

Deposit 60% of your vacation package and balance before your trip. 

School Services

Start your study abroad journey with N120,000 and pay as you go.


With only 35% you can lock down your seat without worrying about fare hike. 


Our Visa Application Process


FREE Eligibility Test

This estimates from the information you provide your chances of getting the visa approved.



This stage involves providing all the necessary documents needed for your application.

Priming by our Visa Experts

This is where your assigned visa experts works on your application and advices you appropriately.


Review & Submission

This is the final stage where the team reviews what the visa expert working on your application has done.

FREE Eligibility Test

This test estimates your chances of getting your visa application approved rather than apply with no clues and consultation on your chances of approval or denial.

Based on the test result we will guide you better and advice you appropriately before applying.

Take eligibility test