Our school service in Canada is aimed at providing the best, affordable and hitch free services for both undergraduate and post-graduate student who wish to study abroad. This service enables prospective students to have access to:

  • Pools of Schools in Canada
  • Admission assistance and processing 
  • School Search
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Visa processing for clients who do not have visa
  • Flight tickets
  • Transportation and more

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What our Services cover

1. School Search

We provide assistance with getting a list of schools who are willing to accept foreign student, offer the course of your choice and are affordable. We are partners with over 4000 schools abroad.

2. Admission Assistance & Processing

We assist with admission into the school of your choice. We also assist with payment of admission fee and processing the admission from start to finish.

3. Visa Processing:

We provide visa processing for clients who do no have a valid Visa. We have a success rate of 86% on all our student visa processing. The student visa gotten allows you be work, study and live in Canada. The validity of the visa is usually the length of your program, however after schooling you can apply to work inn Canada while you commense your Canada Immigration

4. Payment of Tuition fee

This involves payment of tuition fee to the school abroad where necessary. We ensure we get you a school where you would not be needing to pay the tuition fee ahead. 

5. Accommodation Assistance

We help with accommodation assistance either on campus facility or off the campus

6. Flight

We also provide discounted flight tickets for our clients.

7. English Proficiency Test Registration

We assist with IELTS, SAT, GRE, TOEFL exam registration if it’s a requirement for the school you want to attend. However, 9% of the schools we get for our clients do not require english proficiency test.

8. Budget Sheet

We will give you a total estimate of all the amount you should budget to spend. This depends on the school you get admission or wish to study 

With us your dream of studying abroad is possible. We will make it a reality.

You can also go through our list of partnered schools: Canada School List

Kindly go through the frequently asked questions: Canada School Service Frequently Asked Questions & our terms and conditions: School Service Terms & Conditions.

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Steps in getting a Canada Visa

  1. Take Our FREE Eligibility Test
  2. Documentation
  3. Priming by our Visa Experts
  4. Review & Submission

Our FREE Eligibility Test

This test estimates your chances of getting your visa approved rather than apply with no clue on your chances of approval or denial.

Based on the test result we will guide you better and advice you appropriately before applying.

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