St Kitts and Nevis Birth Services FAQs

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I need to apply for a St Kitts and Nevis Visa, what are the requirements?
  • It is visa on arrival, you only need a transit visa for transiting in UK or USA
When is the best time to start the process?
  • It is advisable to start early, as soon as you discover you are pregnant to enable you prepare ahead. You can start saving before you get pregnant.

What documents do I need for the UK or US transit Visa Processing?
  • Bank statement,
  • Work details i.e., introduction letter, Work ID card
  • CAC registration certificate if business is registered.
  • Hospital details and Doctor’s appointment (if you are declaring birthing in the Brazil)
What is the difference between visa application fee and visa processing fee?
  • Visa Application fee is the fee you pay to the embassy for applying for a visa
  • Visa Processing fee is the fee you pay to TATAgency for visa services rendered to you
How much does a transit visa for UK and US application cost?
  • USA: N115,800
  • UK: N133,500

Fee stated above coovers both visa application and processing fee.

What does the transit Visa Processing fee cover?
  • Filling of client’s application form
  • Advisory services based on our experience
  • Documentation review
  • Guiding client through the application process
  • Further assistance where needed
  • Preparing client for submission through a pre-submission stage with TATAgency
What if I am not working and I do not have a business, can I still apply?
Yes you can, provided you have a sponsor
Who is a Sponsor?
A sponsor is anyone who will be responsible for providing the funds for your trip
Will I go for interview?

For UK, No

For US, Yes

Will I prepared for the submission?

Yes, we will guide you through via our pre-submission session.

Will you review my documents before I submit?
Yes, our experts will guide you
I was just refused visa. Can I apply, if yes, when is the best time to reapply?
Yes you can reapply immediately
Must I get an invitation letter before I can apply?
No, invitation does not guarantee a visa
If I am not physically in Lagos, can I still apply with TATAgency?
Yes you can. We will be in constant guidance and contact with you
How much should I have in my account?

Enough to cover your trip, further guidance will be given to you during the process. 

Is your visa guaranteed?
We do not guarantee visa. Visa issuance is at the discretion of the consular. We will
guide you for a better chance based on our vast knowledge and experience on visa application
Can I travel immediately my visa is out?
Yes you can
Do TATAgency assist with work permit visa?
No, we do not
What if I am refused a visa, will there be a refund?
No, but you can reapply without paying TATAgency processing fee
After getting my visa, can TATAgency assist with flight and accommodation?
Yes we can. We offer further discount for client who processed their visa with us
How do I trust TATAgency?
  • We are registered with CAC
  • We are IATA Accredited
  • We are registered with NCAA
  • We have our office in Lagos and Canada
  • You can visit our website:
  • We are NANTA certified
Can I fast track my application?
  • For UK, you can fast track the visa application, its at a fee of N150,000 (Your visa will come out in 5days)
  • For US, we can get you an earlier date for the interview, its an at extra fee of N35,000 which is payable after the visa has been approved.  
Do I need to have a travel history before applying?
No, you do not need to have travel history. It is only an added advantage
Can I apply with my family?

Yes, you can.

What is the duration of the Visa?


Can I know the name of the hospital you use?

We will disclose the hospital details and options when maternity package payment is made.

Can I sponsor myself or must my husband sponsor me?

Either one of you can sponsor your trip. You can also get a third-party sponsor.

Is your transit visa for UK and US guaranteed?

We do not guarantee visa. Visa issuance is at the discretion of the consular. We will guide you for a better chance based on our vast knowledge and experience on visa application.

We have an average success rate of 82% on all our maternity package

What is the duration of the transit visa?
  • For US 29 days
  • UK is 6 months.
How long does the embassy take to process the application?
  • For UK- 15 to 21 working days
  • For US, depends on the next available date for an interview
If I already have a visa, can I still apply for the maternity package

Yes, you can.

How much is maternity package for St Kitts and Nevis?


What does the maternity package cover for St Kitts and Nevis??
  • Hospital & Doctor full details
  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Hospital appointment
  • Budget sheet
  • Preparation for PoE
  • Accommodation booking if applicable (Apartment and Hotel).
  • Flight booking if applicable
  • Documentation review
  • Assistance with baby documentation
Does the bill cover processing of my baby’s documentation?

No, Baby’s documentation process costs an average of $500.

Do I need to pay the hospital and doctor’s bill from Nigeria?

No, you only pay directly to the hospital and doctor when you travel.

Can I spend more or less than 8 weeks as stated in your accommodation rental breakdown?

Yes, you can stay more or less than 8 weeks, you would however pay another fee for the extra day, week or month spent, because the accommodation on our package covers for 8weeks. If less than, you will get prorated costing for the actual number of days.

What is the average cost of giving birth in the St Kitts and Nevis?

The Average cost of giving birth ranges from $5000-$6000 for Vaginal Birth and from $8000-$11000 for CS Birth.

It includes Doctor, Hospital and paediatrician bill.

What are the benefits of St. Kitts and Nevis Passport??
  • Visa-free travel for over 80 countries including all European countries,
    Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland.
  • No residence requirements.
  • Free to live and work in St. Kitts as a citizen
  • No Income or Wealth Tax.
    Second citizenship for your family members.
  • International Tax planning
How many countries does my baby have access to?

Over 152 countries.