Proof of Funds Policy

by | Aug 5, 2021

This policy governs all proof of fund requests for visa applications, school services, birth services and other related services provided by TATAgency for her clients:

1. The processing time for the proof of funds is within 10-20 business days. 

2. The options of proof of funds are:

Option 1: Percentage Based POF

This involves the banker sending the required amount into an agreed bank account in the applicant name. The banker charges 5.5-6% per month for this.
Note: This can be used for below applications
i. UK study visa
ii. Other countries (Applicant that have bank statement with good inflow and outflow but poor closing balance)

Option 2: Sponsor POF (for tourist visa)

This involves getting a sponsor for you with 3-10million naira closing balance. It works for tourist visa applications like UK, Canada, Schengen, South Africa and others.
Price: N120,000

Option 3: Sponsor POF (for study & tourist visa)

This involves getting a third-party bank statement who bears the applicant’s surname. This can be used for almost all countries based on the Visa officer’s advise
Price: N400,000

Option 4: Company Account POF

This involves getting the applicant a company statement as sponsor while work details would be provided in support of this to create a relationship between the applicant and the company.
This works for any country.
Price: N500,000

Option 5: Employment POF

This requires you to build your statement of account for 6 months. Work details (which includes Work ID card, employment letter, introduction letter, pay slip) would be provided for you and a particular salary (amount stated and paid by you to our account) will be paid into your account as salary ,monthly to you.
Service charge is one off and paid before process begins.
Suitable for UK, Canada, Ireland and Schengen (if you wish)
Price: N350,000

Option 6: Non-verifiable POF (least advisable):

This involves working on a bank statement to have a good closing balance. Basically, a non-valid bank statement would be created for you.
Only advisable for Schengen countries as they rarely confirm bank statements. There are risks involved.
Price: N80,000

3. The client who opt for option 1,2,3,4 and 6 shall at no point in time have access to the funds for use personally.

4. In a case where the client fails to use the proof of fund after it has been done till it is no longer valid, it is agreed by both parties that the client has used the service rendered.

5. Proof of fund service is valid for 6months but can be reprinted within a 12month period at an extra cost. After a year, the current full payment will be made if the service is needed again. 

6. For options 1,2,3,4 and 5, the amount in the statement will be dependent on the profile of the client and the purpose but it is usually within the range of 4-30million Naira.

7. Our proof of fund service are done by financial service vendors. 

TATAgency is committed to ensuring excellent service delivery.