Qatar Visa FAQs

by | Apr 30, 2020

What are the Qatar visas available to me as a Nigerian?
  1. Tourist Entry Visa: This is applicable to Nigerians who do not have a valid UK, US, Schengen, Australia, Canada or New Zealand visa. This visa is valid for 30days
  2. Entry with Electronic  Travel Authorization (A3): This is applicable to Nigerians who have a valid UK, US, Schengen, Australia, Canada or New Zealand visa. This visa is valid for 30days
I want to apply for a Qatar visa, what are the requirements?

Tourist Entry Visa (A1):

  • Passport datapage
  • Passport photograph
  • Confirmed (PAID) hotel will be requested just before the visa is issued. Once confirmed hotel is requested, it means visa will be issued.

Entry with Electronic Travel Authorization (A3):

  • Passport datapage
  • Passport photograph
  • Insurance for your period of stay (average of $20 for 30days)
  • Valid Schengen, US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand visa or residency
How much does Qatar visa cost?
  • Application & Processing fee: N100,000

What is the difference between visa application fee and visa processing fee?
  • Visa Application fee is the fee you pay to the embassy for applying for a visa
  • Visa Processing fee is the fee you pay to TATAgency for visa services rendered to you
What does Visa Processing fee cover?
  • Filling of client’s application form
  • Flight reservation
  • Hotel reservation
  • Advisory services based on our experience
  • Paying for visa fee
What is the duration of the Visa?

30days only

How long is the visa processing time with the embassy?

3-20 business days

Do I have to pay all the money at once?


Will I go for interview?


Is it paper submission or online?

Strictly online application

Will you review my documents before I submit?
Yes, our experts will guide you
Is your visa guaranteed?
We do not guarantee visa. Visa issuance is at the discretion of the consular. We will
guide you for a better chance based on our vast knowledge and experience on visa application
If I am not physically in Lagos or Canada, can I still apply with TATAgency?
Yes you can. We will be in constant guidance and contact with you
Do TATAgency assist with work permit visa?
No, we do not
What if I am refused a visa, will there be a refund?
No, but you can reapply without paying TATAgency processing fee
Can I travel immediately my visa is out?

Yes, but it depends on your visa start date

How do I trust TATAgency?
  • We are registered with CAC
  • We are IATA Accredited 
  • We are registered with NCAA
  • We have our office in Lagos and Canada
  • You can visit our website:
After getting my visa, can TATAgency assist with flight and accommodation?
Yes we can. We offer further discount for client who processed their visa with us