UK Caregiver FAQs

by | Mar 6, 2022

Who is qualified for this program?

The UK Caregiver program is open to applicant with medical experience. Applicant without medical experience but also have the capability to take care of aged people are also welcome to apply for the program.

What are the requirements?

Employment requirement:

  • International passport
  • A well-structured curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Digital certificate program (obtainable in 3-5hrs)

Post-employment requirement:

  • 4 months bank statement (1m closing balance)
  • IELTS (minimum overall band of 6.0)
  • Police report
  • Nigerian Driver’s license (essential but not compulsory)
What is Digital certificate?

This is a certificate obtained from taking an online certificate program or diploma program

Will you assist me in obtaining the certificate?

Yes, we can assist you in obtaining the certificate, but it is advised that you take it by yourself as the knowledge from the training would help you in the job interview.

How much is the digital certificate?

It is free to take the training and test but you will be required to pay for your certificate to be issued which costs £23.

Will you get me a job in the UK?

We would be assisting you in securing a job offer in the UK.

Can I get a job without experience?

Yes, but you will need to take a certificate course to increase your chance of getting employed.

How long will the process take?

Timeline for securing a job is not fixed as employment offer is granted at employer’s discretion. Once job offer has been granted, standard visa processing takes 21 working days while priority visa processing takes 5 working days.

What is IELTS and is it compulsory?

IELTS is International English Language Testing System which is used to determine your proficiency in Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking English and it is a compulsory requirement.

Will you assist me in taking the IELTS?

No, IELTS can only be taken by the applicant.

What is the first step to start with this program?

The first step is to provide the employment requirements so that we can begin searching for jobs for you. The next step is to start gathering the necessary documents required for the visa as some requirements like IELTS may take a month before you get it.

What is the visa duration?

Your visa application for a UK Health and Care Visa would be dependent of the duration stated on your employment certificate;
Less than 3 years – £323
3 years or more – £646

Can I apply with my family?

Yes, the employed applicant may apply for the visa with their child or spouse.

Would TATAgency guarantee job search and also help land a possible interview?

Call for interview is usually at the employer’s discretion, however we will best to ensure our client gets an interview. And yes, we will do the Job search.

How much is the processing cost?
  • Profile review and job search – NGN90,000
  • Visa processing fee – NGN84,400
Do I have to pay all the money at once?

You pay as you go:
First payment is the profile review and job search fee while after the job is gotten, the visa processing fee will be paid.

How do I trust TATAgency?
  • We are registered with CAC
  • We are IATA Accredited 
  • We are registered with NCAA
  • We have our office in Lagos and Canada
  • You can visit our website:
After getting my visa, can TATAgency assist with flight and accommodation?
Yes we can. We offer further discount for client who processed their visa with us
If I am not physically in Lagos, can I still apply with TATAgency?
Yes you can. We will be in constant guidance and contact with you