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United States of America Conference Visa FAQs

This is the type of a visa that is gotten for the purpose of attending a conference in the United State of America.

  1. International passport,
  2. 5X5 white background passport photograph
  3. Work details i.e., introduction letter, Work ID card etc
  4. CAC registration certificate if business is registered.
  5. Bank statement

No, but it increases your chances

  • Conference fee: This amount is not fixed, it depends on the conference you are going for
  • Application fee: N59,200
  • Processing fee per Adult: N45,000
  • Processing fee per Child: N25,800

  • Visa Application fee is the fee you pay to the embassy for applying for a visa
  • Visa Processing fee is the fee you pay to TATAgency for visa services rendered to you

  1. Filling of client’s application form
  2. Flight reservation
  3. Hotel reservation
  4. Advisory services based on our experience
  5. Documentation review
  6. Guiding client through the application process
  7. Further assistance where needed
  8. Preparing client for interview through a pre-interview stage with TATAgency
  9. Registering for the conference on your behalf

No, you pay 80% of the processing fee (N36,000 per Adult & N20,640 per child), when
the visa is approved, you will pay the balance.
You have to pay the full application fee.

The conference fee will also be paid in full as we will have to pay for the conference in full before you go for submission

Yes you can, provided you have a sponsor

A sponsor is anyone who will be responsible for providing the funds for your trip


Yes, we will guide you through via out pre-interview session to understand how to ask and answer questions

Yes, our experts will guide you

No, invitation does not guarantee a visa

Yes you can reapply immediately

Enough to cover your trip, further guidance will be given to you during the process

We do not guarantee visa. Visa issuance is at the discretion of the consular. We will guide you for a better chance based on our vast knowledge and experience on visa application

Yes you can. We will be in constant guidance and contact with you

No, we do not

No, but you can reapply without paying TATAgency processing fee

Yes you can

  1. We are registered with CAC
  2. We are IATA Accredited 
  3. We are registered with NCAA
  4. We have our office in Lagos and Canada
  5. You can visit our website: www.tatagency.com

No, you do not need to have travel history. It is only an added advantage

Yes we can. We offer further discount for client who processed their visa with us

It depends on availability date at the embassy

Yes, it costs an additional N40,000. This is paid only when the date is gotten.


No, its a non refundable fee

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