Vacation Package Terms & Conditions

by | Aug 29, 2022

These Terms & Conditions govern vacation packages and other related services provided by TATAgency for her clients:

1. Rates will be given in USD and exchange rate is dependent at the time of payment.

2. A minimum deposit of at least 60% of total amount is required to secure a slot. 

3. The balance payment(s) will be paid using the current exchange rate at the time of making the payment.

4. The balance payments must be paid at least 2 weeks before trip. If defaulted, a default fee of 50USD/Adult applies.

5. In cases where visa application is required, flights rates given are subject to change as tickets cannot be issued before visas are confirmed, unless clients give go-ahead to issue the ticket on hold.

6. In the case of denial, 60% of initial deposit REQUIRED will be refunded.

7. TATAgency is a private company and do not have authority to grant a visa of any kind. The final decision on all applications rests with the relevant organisation responsible for issuing that result.

TATAgency is committed to ensuring excellent service delivery