Visa Reapplication Terms & Conditions

by | Mar 24, 2023

These Terms & Conditions govern visa reapplication and other related services provided by TATAgency for her clients.

1. Reapplication would be done once for free: no processing fee would be charged.

2. The processing timeline for a reapplication is within 7-10 business days from when instruction to reapply is given by the applicant.

3. Depending on the country, other applicable costs including appointment fee, biometrics fee, insurance fee would be charged where required.

4. Reapplication has to be done within a year period of when the previous application was refused/denied.

5. Reapplication may be reassigned to a different visa expert for processing.

6. Reapplication can only be done for the same country as previous application unless where the reapplication is for a Schengen visa (Europe). Reapplication for Schengen visas can be done for a Schengen country different to that of previous application.

TATAgency is committed to ensuring excellent service delivery.